Behaviour Mark-up Language (BML) Realizer

  • Gain creator: Allows the games developers to add multi-modal expressive behaviours to the game characters easily.
  • Pain reliever: Game developers do not have to worry about the timing and synchronization of character behaviours.
  • Behaviour Mark-up Language (BML) Realizer provides an easy way to synchronize multi-modal character behaviours such as lip-synchronized speech, facial expressions, gestures and gaze.
  • BML describes a set of behaviours and synchronization constraints between these behaviours. It helps the game developers to include expression rich conversational characters to their games.
BML Realizer makes it easier to author character behaviours using a human-readable XML-based notation and does not require programming.
UU- Utrecht University
BML is an XML description language for controlling the verbal and nonverbal behaviours of an embodied conversational character:




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