Industry Expert Group Meeting in Amsterdam

The experts meeting validated some key aspects for launching the ecosystem

During a half day working session in January, an Expert Group comprising highly experienced representatives from games studios associations and clusters from NL and UK met in Amsterdam to  discuss how the achievements of RAGE can maximally accommodate and amplify the European (applied) game industry.

The meeting specifically aimed to:

  • Communicate the mission, activities and benefits of the proposed Ecosystem among the group of experts linked to principal European games industry associations, hubs and incubators.
  • Gather expertise-based feedback regarding the plausibility of the ecosystem initiative and the critical success factors to maximize its impacts on studios´ competitiveness.
  • Identify potential win-win collaboration and H2020 funding opportunities to better support stakeholder organisations in order to further promote the European applied gaming industry.

The dynamic interchange of opinions with industry specialists moderated by Professor Paul Hollins, rendered useful insights, and in many respects a confirmation regarding the mission, activities and benefits of the envisioned Ecosystem and its plausibility, as well as a series of practical recommendations for the next steps to tackle.

The ecosystem is directed to supporting the EU games industry, with strong potential in education, health and other industry sectors, where products are quickly developing and sound training is needed at a growing pace.

The ecosystem is seen a meeting point for the games developers’ community, where the components can be downloaded, bought and sold, improvements discussed, assistance sought and alliances and partnerships initiated. For individual studios, the community can help in that their results are put into an easy-to-find place.

RAGE components have the advantages of being readymade, easy to integrate, re-usable and are offered as open source. They also offer scientific validation for a lot of serious game companies that have problems to get validation for their products.

Recommendations regarding the business model revolved around the concept of being randed, as RAGE stands behind quality, and the fact that it is built around a community that uses it, with different stakeholders looking at it from different perspectives, and working in close partnership with existing clusters.

Regarding the next steps, the ideas put forward were to market the concept among games studios and hubs, even within the wider entertainment industry, in order to engage game and software developers as primary users.


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