Game developed by: Gameware Europe using RAGE components

Pilot tested at: The “Policia Judiciaria”, the Portuguese Judiciary Police.

The game is a simulation of police interview procedures, placing the focus of the interviews in witnesses, victims and suspects of serious sexual and violent crime. The aim is to learn, receive assessment and have a real-time experience.

The players must complete a series of multiple choice questions and selected actions, and if the questions asked are inappropriate, a second office intervenes to offer advices. The meaning carried by the questions is stored in metadata associated to them. Visual cues provide further –nonverbal – clues to the user.

The user should achieve a favourable emotional state change, apply interviewing techniques to obtain reliable accurate and truthful responses from the interviewee.

The virtual interview is arranged in three moments: open questions, closed questions for confirmation and closed questions for confrontation (if necessary).

The pre-pilot tested the virtual interview to see if it was ready for the pilot, get feedback from expert users and evaluate the user’s reaction to the game. At the end of the interaction with the 50-60 min virtual interview participants filled in a questionnaire and interview form.

The first pilot allowed for solving bugs and problems, adding more question options, retrieving information about the score of the game, and more facial expressions.  It was applied to (16) senior police officers, where half used the game and the other half (control group) followed traditional methodology.

Suggested improvements after the first pilot include increasing the number of questions, response options and their sequence, improved body language and a more adjusted oral and written language, and more scenarios with non-verbal communication indicators.

The second pilot includes a more expressive avatar, more varied dialogue options, and improved scenarios for aggressor, victims and witnesses. The new version of the game is to be applied to a more numerous group (120) of less experienced (junior) police officers.

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