Would you change your job as a New Year’s Resolution?

Whether the Universe brought you the opportunity of a new job or you feel like you should make a change in 2017, your résumé represents an “identity card”, a portrait of yourself. It should be clean, straightforward, catchy, therefore creating the right first impression.

The odds are that you already used many templates for your Curriculum Vitae. Maybe you read a bunch of articles with tips and tricks for creating a better CV. Probably you presented your résumé to relatives or friends and asked for an opinion. Thus, we provide a cutting-edge tool that may become a key differentiator, enabling you to stand out of the crowd. This can become the Ace up your sleeve. Will you consider our alternative automated evaluation?


The Ace up the sleeve

What can we provide to help you stand out in front of other candidates? Shortly put, an automatic CV analyzer that has the power to provide comprehensive feedback by relying on advanced natural language processing technique.


From the multitude of elements that are being analyzed by the tool, we highlight the following:

  • Recommendations regarding the size of the CV in terms of the uploaded file size (only PDF files are accepted)
  • Suggestions regarding the number of pages
  • General statistics such as the number of paragraphs, sentences, words and content words (these are words having meaning in terms of NLP)
  • Visual aspects such as the number of colors that are used, the number of images, the types of fonts and the density of bold, italic and bold italic characters
  • The coverage of specific keywords that can be provided – number of occurrences and relevance with the entire résumé’s content
  • The presence of social media accounts (like LinkedIn and Viadeo)
  • Top keywords (main concepts) extracted from the CV

If we managed to make you curious, feel free to access our online demo and test your CV! As a personal note, our tool was designed and implemented specifically for French resumes, but the underlying evaluations are available also in English. At present, the analyzer is in a beta version and we are more than happy to consider your suggestions.


Our CV Analyzer did not simply emerge; it relies on the ReaderBench framework, an open-source platform for Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is developed within the RAGE project. Moreover, emphasis needs to be put on the extensive manual labor behind the system which was aimed at identifying key traits to be quantified and used for feedback, plus the creation of a relevant collection of CVs,

We, at UPB, are constantly updating our framework to match various NLP-related scenarios. Regarding the CV analyzer tool, the key was the partnership with Randstad, one of the world’s largest HR service providers. And RAGE was the perfect context.

Randstad did the tedious work of manually analyzing tens of résumés to help us understand what a qualitative CV needs to contain. We think we managed to get our framework to estimate and quantify important aspects to provide you with feedback and suggestions.

In a nutshell, we hope that our tool helps you and we are looking forward for your opinions.

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