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Games and Learning Alliance Conference (GALA) 2017

April 18th, 2017|0 Comments

The Games and Learning Alliance conference (GALA 2017) is an international conference dedicated to the science and application of serious games. This year, it will take place at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (Portugal) on December 5 -7.

GALA 2017 is organized by the Serious Games Society, that is building a scientific community at international level for shaping future research in the field. This community represents a significant blend of industrial and academic professionals committed to the study, development and deployment of serious games as really useful and effective tools to support better teaching, learning, training and assessment.

The conference aims […]

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Workshop (W 1.8) Call for Papers

March 27th, 2017|0 Comments

“How are Services and Industry gamifying themselves? Why gamify?”

Madeira Island, Portugal

The leisure video games business is growing fast. Its technological and methodological underpinnings have been laid down in years of research and development. At a significantly lower scale, they are now finding their way into non-leisure contexts, helping deliver substantial benefits, particularly in education, training, research and health. Recent European research projects have identified comprehensive roadmaps and are creating resources and state-of-the-art knowledge for European players to develop applied games more easily, faster and more cost-effectively. The challenge is to mainstream the application of […]

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Teaching first aid techniques to high school learners using an educational videogame and Learning Analytics

February 13th, 2017|2 Comments

Teaching first aid techniques to high school learners using an educational videogame and Learning Analytics
Madrid, 9th February, 2017. The e-learning research group e-UCM from the Complutense University of Madrid has carried out an experiment to teach First Aid maneuvers to high school learners of La Inmaculada Escolapias School in Madrid.

A group of researchers from the e-learning research group e-UCM, led by Professor Baltasar Fernández Manjón has recently performed a series of experiments during the month of February 2017 using an educational game (or serious game) to teach first aid maneuvers to high-school students.

The experiment is an early pilot of the […]

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The virtual characters from Zerrin Yumak

February 8th, 2017|0 Comments

“Zerrin Yumak is assistant professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. She does research in the “Motion Capture laboratory. Here she analyzes social and emotional behaviors and turns them into computational models”.

Don’t miss this interview by DUB.

Applied Games and Gamification Group on LinkedIn surpassed 5,000 members

February 8th, 2017|0 Comments

The Applied Games and Gamificaion Group has now more than 5,000 members.

This group is one of the largest collective of creators, developers, researchers, users, thinkers, makers and doers wielding the medium, techniques, tools and methods in games and gamification.

We invite you to join the group to discuss or announce any relevant questions or news on Applied Games and Gamification!

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A collaborative effort of RAGE partners receives a Scientific award

December 15th, 2016|0 Comments

The paper ‘The video game industry in Portugal’, co-authored by Portuguese, British and Spanish RAGE partners (Pedro A. Santos, Patrícia Romeiro, Flávio Nunes, Paul Hollins and Rubén Riestra) was awarded Melhor Artigo (Best Paper) by the Scientific Committee of Videojogos 2016.

Read the paper clicking here!

You can find more information about this Award in Videojogos 2016.

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RAGE delivers “very good quality”

October 13th, 2016|0 Comments

This week RAGE had its first project review by the European Commission and its independent team of experts in Luxemburg.

Directly after the review session, the review committee expressed its great appreciation of the work done: RAGE’s game software components and its preparations for realizing a sustainable applied gaming eco-system were judged to be “of very good quality”.

This result provides confirmation and an additional boost for us to continue in our ambitious endeavour of supporting all stakeholders in the field of applied gaming.

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Portugal holds its most important event in Serious Games

June 10th, 2016|0 Comments

The 6th EAI International Conference on Serious Games, Interaction and Simulation will take place in Porto on June 16th and 17th.

The event is a multidisciplinary approach to the field of Serious Games, covering areas like cognition, psychology, technology-enhanced education, and evaluation and information technology, among others.

SGAMES’s keynote speech will be held by Rui Prada, Senior Researcher at INESC- ID and member of the RAGE Project. Prada is co-author of the book “Design e Desenvolvimento de Jogos” and co-founder of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências dos Videojogos (SPCV).

You can follow the event live on Twitter with the hashtag #SGAMES2016.

To register and […]

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#Intetain 2016: Submit your paper!

December 21st, 2015|0 Comments

The 8th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (Intetain 2016) will be held at the University of Utrecht in Netherlands on June 28-30, 2016.

The conference will address issues concerning relationships between human-computer interaction and entertainment. The objective of Intetain 2016 is to attract state-of-art contributions that address the broad challenges faced in the development and use of interactive technologies to create entertainment content.

The conference requires original, high-quality papers discussing research including case studies and overview papers on the following topics of interest:
– Game and interface design: tools & theories
– Game characters: virtual, tele-presence & storytelling
– Games-in-X: education, transport & public spaces
– Gamification: principles and serious […]