As part of our RAGE project dissemination and outreach activities this week at the ECtel conference in Tallinn Estonia, in partnership with colleagues engaged in the Beaconing Project, we facilitated a Learning Design Lesson planning workshop. Teachers attending the workshop were introduced to the concept of lesson design using Applied games and specifically to the potential use of digital assets in applied games to provide new learning experiences for their students.

After project presentations and a demonstration of one of the RAGE applied game case Studies, The Watercooler Game, attendees at the workshop were exposed to the potential of the RAGE assets developed by partners in the project with prizes awarded to the best lesson planning concept at the end of the day.

Supported by the RAGE and Beaconing project member working in small groups attendees created their own lesson plans and presented their ideas to each other at the end of the session.

Attendees embraced the potential afforded by the assets and incorporated them into their lesson planning activities and a variety of diverse lesson plans were produced by the groups so much so that there were two “winners” one award for the most “pragmatic” applied games solution and one for the most “ambitious” games based solution. What did become apparent was the need for translation of the highly technical concepts for the non-technical attendees but once over this barrier attendees were able to develop interesting pedagogic approaches to teaching, “crossing the chasm with great ease”.

The activity was part of an overarching RAGE stakeholder consultation process which is ongoing throughout the duration of the project.

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