The Emotional Decision Making asset is used for the creation of non-player characters whose decisions are impacted by their emotional state. To achieve this, the asset offers a logical reasoner that the game developer can use to define the rules for the character’s decision making process. These rules can depend not only on the characters’ emotions but also on the occurrence of certain previous events and the belief in certain properties about the world. Similar to the Emotional Appraisal asset, the rules in the Emotion Decision Making are created and managed outside of the game code, which facilitates the testing of different alternatives for the characters’ decisions as well as customization.

For this release, the following main functionality was implemented: (1) Integration with the Emotional Appraisal Asset allowing to define action rules that are triggered by a particular affective state; (2) A reactive decision-making layer that checks for the activation of a set of logical conditions in each action and filters them according to a specified priority.

In the next release, a deliberative layer will be added that takes into account the expected emotional impact of each possible decision.