The first-round of pilots was carried out in 2017. They were aimed at collecting preliminary results for a first evaluation of the games to provide feedback for the development of the final versions of the games. The other goal was to perform the first significant test of the RAGE games with end users and intermediary stakeholders in diverse non leisure domains, for validation purposes.

The first round of trials of the RAGE powered games took place in real world conditions throughout 2017, and involved around 1000 participants distributed across the different use cases.  They included the games to train the Portuguese Judiciary Police in interviewing skills, young University and training schools students in England, Italy and the UK to develop digital, leadership, entrepreneurial and communication skills, and job seeking candidates to refine their skills in writing their CV and cover letter and in training to succeed in a job interview.

The second round of trials is now being implemented and goes a step further, based on feedback and insights received from the first round of tests.

A thorough process was followed to evaluate the games’ usability and functional aspects, detecting and fixing bugs, and to retrieve relevant information in order to improve both the game and the user’s experience, understand learning and transferability qualities, and learn about the pedagogical costs and benefits for the training providers.


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