Detect emotions from players’ facial expressions.

  • Gain creator: Facilitates detecting emotions from players’ facial expressions.
  • Pain reliever: Allows capturing the players’ facial emotional states and incorporates these as variables in games.
This asset detects emotions in real-time and it returns a string representing six basic emotions: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, and anger. It can also detect the neutral face.

Highly accurate: over 80%, comparable with human judgment.

Game designers or game developers can use it for instance in games for communication training or conflict management. Or for collecting emotion data during play testing.

Can be easily integrated in many game engines, e.g. Unity3D.

This asset will enrich games.

As an input, it may use the player’s webcam stream. But, it can also be used with a single image file, or with a recorded video file.

The presence of multiple players would not be a problem as the software component can detect multiple faces and their emotions at the same time

OUNL Open University of the Netherlands
This asset uses the Apache-2 open source license, which means that everybody can use it for free, even in commercial applications.



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