RAGE partner, PlayGen Ltd., is leading a social game jam, using SUGAR.

The Social Game Jam is all about adding social game-play mechanics and incentives to your games to make them all the more sweet! Shared Inventories and Resources, Clan Goals, Alliance Leaderboards and a whole host of Rewards are but a few of the treats you can add to your games and all of this is made surprisingly easy with the SUGAR engine! It’s completely free to use, easy to get up and running with and has loads of demos, examples and docs. There is also quite an attractive prize for the winner! So, don’t wait any longer! Check out SUGAR game jam HEREhttps://itch.io/jam/sugar-game-jam

SUGAR was developed by PlayGen for the RAGE project, and you can find it HERE.(https://www.gamecomponents.eu/content/200)

Date: 23 Aug. to 29 Oct.
Location: Online (participate from anywhere),
Number of participants: no limit (15 have joined so far)

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