Enables real-time automatic adaptation (and/or assessment) of game difficulty to player’s expertise level.

  • Gain creator: Facilitates measuring players´ level of expertise and a faster and easier adaptation of games to the expertise levels.
  • Pain reliever: Optimise efforts in personalisation of games features
  • Allows both stealth assessment as well as adaptation.
  • Lightweight components with minimal requirements for integrating with a game and minimal impact on the game performance.
  • The component is agnostic to the game content requiring only basic performance metrics with no explicit domain knowledge.
  • For players: Smoother learning experience via a balanced and gradual increase in difficulty tailored to the player’s changing skills.
  • For instructors: Easier tracking of the player’s learning progress via quantified skill measurements. A simplified overview of the game’s difficulty space via quantified difficulty measurements
OUNL- Open University of the Netherlands
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