Sports Team Manager is a RAGE powered game developed by PlayGen and tested at the University of Trento, Italy, that seeks to develop soft skills in sports in order to improve young graduates’ opportunities for employability.  Students that have tested the game are pursuing a bachelor or a master degree and come from different backgrounds.

Sports Team Manager is a single player game where the player has to choose crew members for a sailing boat to participate in – and win – a sailing competition. The crew members have to be selected according to their skills, and the process leads to the successful achievement of the overall objective: win the race.

The game’s learning objectives are conflict resolution and leadership related to sports management, seeking to improve the students’ chances for employability. Team work, leadership and conflict management skills are practiced.

The game also seeks to personalize the training plan on the mentioned soft skills and to understand the transferability of the soft skills to different contexts.

Testing the game in a learning environment considers pre- and post- questionnaires, plus a focus interview, which includes a self-assessment evaluation on skills, behaviours and how these are transferred.

The students learn the skills and are enthusiastic about the game: the change in methodology means learning with the help of a game, rather than from a traditional lecture style lesson.

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