Game developed by BipMedia using RAGE components.

The Pilot was tested at French branches of the Randstad Groupe for business recruitment.

The game takes the candidate through a job interview which requires him/her to be well prepared and ready for it in order to be successful and get the desired job. The objective of the game is that the candidates get to know themselves better, and train for a job interview; while receiving advice on their CV and cover letter.

Four French Randstad branches were selected for the pilot (Lille, Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux), involving 12 consultants, and was run from April to September. Candidates were arranged in two groups and took a pre-test and a post-test.

The evaluation process foresees a Pre- and a post-game questionnaire (same questionnaire) that participating candidates are asked to answer.  The goal is to measure learning received during the game as a result of comparing what the candidate knew before and what he/she knows after the game experience.

The Pretest is a self-evaluation test to know if the candidate has had previous job interviews, and to check their skills level regarding CV and cover letter writing. The post test questions ask the candidate about the advice received regarding the skills practised.

Testing candidates are of any age, any sex, any experience, but business oriented. One of the groups tested the game (experimental group), and a there was a control group which did not play “Job Quest”, but received a training session instead.

The game allows for replaying it, in case of bad results in the first interview, in order to try different ways of asking and answering. Finally the “coach” communicates the results to the candidate.

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