RAGE, together with H2020 project Beaconing and other European H2020 projects and initiatives have been chosen for contributing to solve societal challenges and will be at the European Parliament from 19 to 22 November.

Two of the projects that focus on serious games and include smart, open and re-usable technologies, RAGE and Beaconing (Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning), are carried out by RAGE partner Universidad Complutense de Madrid – UCM. https://www.ucm.es/los-proyectos-de-investigacion-complutense-%E2%80%98beaconing%E2%80%99-y-%E2%80%98rage%E2%80%99-seleccionados-por-el-parlamento-europeo-dentro-del-programa-horizonte-2020

Beaconing https://beaconing.eu/ focuses on the integration of technologies , and the pedagogic and social perspectives to develop and validate a platform that includes gamification, mobile techniques, game authoring tools and learning analytics. The platform allows exploring and measuring the level of effectiveness and impact of games on the students.

The other projects and inititatives featured at the exhibition are: COCOHA https://cocoha.org/, eConfidence http://www.econfidence.eu/, FocusLocus https://www.focuslocus.eu/, Inlife http://www.inlife-project.eu/, I-Prognosis http://www.i-prognosis.eu/; iRead https://iread-project.eu/, MAMEM http://www.mamem.eu/ , myAirCoach http://www.myaircoach.eu/, NOEMA http://noema-project.com/, REVEAL http://revealvr.eu/, The Robotics Academy https://robotics.uom.gr/, Plantbox https://www.plantbox.gr/ , Project: AΓΩ http://agwsimulations.com/project.html, and The bee camp http://thebeecamp.com/

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