by Nurogames GmbH

While the development of the Water-Cooler game is coming along quite nicely preparing for the first pilots at Hull College an amazing design work has been done to give an appealing look and feel to a serious game. More and more components from the RAGE “assets’ portfolio” are being integrated into the game providing an added value to a final product but most importantly generating positive impact on game developers, like Nurogames.

On a side note, still being in development stage, RAGE already creates impact beyond the consortium members.  Thus, new research and innovation projects already show their interest in reusing some of RAGE components in their development. One of such projects is a newly launched GOAL  project ( GOAL is a H2020 EC project that will deliver a platform to foster an ecosystem of games and applications that help people stay motivated to lead socially engaged, physically and cognitively active lifestyles. The platform will benefit both players and third-party game developers. Players get to play their favorite games while at the same time working on their healthy lifestyles. Where certain GOAL games or applications will reward users for healthy behavior, others allow the user to spend their earned GOAL Coins on virtual or real rewards. By leveraging the GOAL and RAGE platforms, game developers can focus on their strengths: to develop fun, engaging experiences for their users and re-using RAGE components can bring it to new, much faster development cycles.

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