What is the RAGE ecosystem?

RAGE Project results, as well as third-party game technologies, are made available through an open repository and community platform supporting the growth of the Ecosystem connecting game developers, applied researchers, market players and game user organisations, thus generating a social space for win-win collaborations. The Ecosystem aims for enhanced synergies through, e.g., cross-border and/or cross-sector collaboration in games and gamification market development and innovative educational activities.

What does it offer?

The RAGE ecosystem arranges self-contained gaming assets on a well-managed and structured repository, digital library and media archive system. The resulting material in the Ecosystem, particularly the textual resources, are semantically annotated to support searching and access.

The RAGE Ecosystem organizes workshops and offers training courses covering training for both developers and educators in order to amplify Applied Gaming uptake.

The Ecosystem is supported by community tools for collaboration, annotation, creativity, matchmaking.

In addition, it makes available a set of asset creation aids that allow developers and educators to create their own assets and post them to the Ecosystem’s repository.

Fuelled by “good stuff” and “good expertise”, the RAGE Ecosystem becomes the major European hotspot for applied game development.

What are RAGE Ecosystem’s main benefits?

The RAGE Ecosystem allows European gaming studios, developers and researchers to:

  • Get hold of advanced, usable gaming assets (technology push),
  • Get access to the associated business cases (commercial opportunity)
  • Create bonds with peers, suppliers and customers (alliance formation),
  • Advocate their expertise and demands (publicity),
  • Develop and publish their own assets (trade), and
  • Contribute to creating a joint agenda and road-map (harmonisation and focus).

The RAGE Ecosystem:

  • Provides centralised access to a wide range of dispersed Applied Gaming assets
  • Shares strong expertise in key technology value chains
  • Provides a social dimension supported by community tools for collaboration, annotation, creativity, matchmaking.
  • Supports gaming developers in moving quicker from research excellence to the market
  • Organises workshops and offer training courses for developers and educators
  • Supports industrial road-mapping with new mechanisms to encourage disruptive innovation
  • Covers cross-cutting aspects such as international cooperation
  • Makes available a set of asset creation aids that will allow developers and educators to create their own assets