The goal of this Competence-based Adaptation Asset is to identify competences and game situations that are meaningful to be tackled next. If competences have been assessed before, the current competence state of a player is available. Based on this state, next competences to be acquired and related game situations can be recommended. The main value of this asset is to recommend next game situations or competences to learn that fit to the current competence state of a player.

The main functionality of this asset is to recommend game situations fitting to the current competence state of the player. The competence state is based on a domain model that structures the competences in a prerequisite relation. In addition, the domain model includes information of the events and situations of a game and relates them to the competences. Events and completion state of game situations speak either for or against the possession of a competence. Based on this informatio the competence state can be calculated by the Competence Assessment Asset. Based on this information the Competence-based Adaptation Asset can recommend which competences should be attained next and thus calculate which game sitaution should be performed next.

In this release the included functionality co nsists in the recommendation of competences and game situations based on previously assessed competence state. The calcualtion is done upon a previously created motivational model.
In the next release the recommentations are also sent to the tracker, so that a teacher can review the adapations made to the player in the light what the player actually did.