The goal of the Competence Assessment Asset is to uncover the competence state of a player while playing a game. In the game development process the competences covered by a game are defined and structured. Furthermore, the events or tasks in a game are identified that give evidence whether an individual competence is available or not. During game play this information is used by the asset to identify and update the competences that a player has available. The assessment result can be used by other assets to adapt the game play or to select an appropriate game. In addition, the result can be visualized in the dashboard of the UCM infrastructure. The figure below shows an illustration how the competences that are demonstrated by the player during the game play are assessed by the asset.


The main value of this asset is to define a domain knowledge in terms of the competences that should be learned with a game.

Current status

  • The main functionality of providing the domain model is complete
  • Missing feature is the external authoring tool that is currently being developed