The Motivation Assessment Asset aims at assessing the player’s motivation to learn while playing a game. One’s motivational state is a crucial aspect within a game and strongly influences how often the game is played or if it is positively perceived. By analysing interaction within the game confidence, attention and satisfaction as three components of motivation are measured and provided to other assets for further processing, e.g. to the motivation-based adaptation asset (T3.4) for maintaining or supporting motivation.


The key value is that this asset provides information about a gamer’s current motivation to learn and its changing states over gaming episodes. The motivation assessment is done non-intrusively and may be used for adaptation of the game in order to maintain and enhance motivation.

Current status

  • Main functionality is complete
  • Missing feature: connection with the Interaction Tracker (available by mid of July 2016)
  • Missing feature: connection with the Game Storage Asset (unclear)