This asset will enable adapting a game to an individual player’s current motivational state identified through the motivation assessment asset. Based on a menu of adaptation types and adaptation rules defined in the asset and made available in the game, motivational interventions within a game situation (e.g. encouraging feedback) or adaptations for the next game situation (e.g. change of difficulty) are triggered.

The game can adapt to a player’s motivational state (assessed thourgh the Motivation Assessment Asset) in terms of feedback and game play. Motivation to learn and thus, interest to play the applied game is supported. Interventions to maintain motivation can be provided during gaming experience only to those players, for which actually a lack or decrease of motivation is assumed.
In this release the included functionality consists in the recommendation of displaying encouraging messages to the player based on the previously assessed motivational state. The calcualtion is done upon a previously created motivational model.

In the next release the recommentations are also sent to the tracker, so that a teacher can review the hints made to the player in the light of the motivational state of the player.