Player-Centric Rule-and-Pattern-Based Adaptation

The Player-centric rule-and-pattern-based adaptation asset uses metrics of player’s performance, emotional status and/or playing style for realization of dynamical adaptation of various game features such as adaptation of player-driven game tasks and/or game assistance, dynamic adjustment of task difficulty, and/or adjustment of properties of audio-visual content and effects. The asset receives as input registration requests of player-centric metrics together with simple formal definitions of rules and patterns of variation of these metrics during the play time or their features such as mean, deviation and moving average within a desired time window. Next, it receives values of registered metrics and checks each incoming metric value for occurrence of a rule or a pattern defined for the metric or its feature. In case of finding such an occurrence, the asset fires a triggering event about this rule or pattern and executes its event handler, which is to be defined by the game developer depending on his/her goal to adapt specific game feature(s).

The functionality implemented in the first version is the following:

  • Registering/Unregestering player-centric metrics;
  • Defining adaptation triggering rules and patterns;
  • Setting global time and the moving average time window for the asset;
  • Finding occurrence of a rule or a pattern defined for a metric.