This asset allows the adaptation of a game tailored to an individual player’s characteristics before the start of the game – e.g. game pace or game elements. This is realised as initial adaption when a player enters a game for the first time based on the responses of the player to short questionnaires on relevant characteristics and personality traits (e.g. sensation seeking, goal orientation). The Player Profiling Asset provides such a questionnaire on its Web interface and delivers derived values that define the game adaptation. The authoring tool of the asset allows to modify existing questionnaires and to create new questionnaires.

Learners differ in many different characteristics – their personality traits and preferences. The Player Profiling Asset takes into account these characteristics and tailors (applied) games to them. This helps creating more enjoyable and motivating game experiences and, in the end, supports learning. Based on personality questionnaires these characteristics are assessed and translated in a set of values that are used by the game for the pre-adaptation.

In this release the included functionality consists in the assessment of personality traits through a questionnaire and the calculation of values based on this assessment that are provided to the game. The questionnaire and calucaltion method can be created in the authoring tool.

In the next release the calcualted values are also sent to the tracker, so that a teacher can review these initial values.