ReaderBench – Automated Assessment of Participation and Collaboration in CSCL Conversations

As Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) gains a broader usage, the need for automated tools capable of supporting tutors in the time-consuming process of analyzing conversations becomes more stringent. Therefore, starting from dialogism and a cohesion-based model of discourse, we have developed two computational models for assessing participation and collaboration. The first model is based on a cohesion graph and can be perceived as a longitudinal analysis of the ongoing conversation, thus accounting for collaboration from a social knowledge-building perspective. In the second approach, collaboration is regarded from a dialogical perspective as the intertwining or synergy of voices pertaining to different speakers, therefore enabling a transversal analysis of subsequent discussion slices.



Current status

  • The validation of new automated models used to evaluate participation and collaboration in CSCL convesation (e.g., chats, forums, blogs)
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