Step based competence assessment

The asset consists of a ‘parser’ and ‘reasoner’. It parses a scenario generated by the UU Rage communication scenario editor (Asset 3.3e). A game (to be developed by a game company) interacts at runtime with the reasoner which provides information about the possible following steps at each step in the series of interactions in the scenario. Incremental scores are also fed-back by the scenario reasoner to the game.

This asset will be available in both server-side and client-side versions.

Current status

A communication-skills teacher develops a scenario in the scenario editor as a graph of steps along with the respective scores and feedback per step. The editor generates valid scenarios in xml format. We have designed the editor and the assessment assets to be loosely coupled using a REST architecture. The editor produces an xml that follows an instance of the schema:

The reasoner asset processes any valid scenario produced according to this schema, using any valid configuration (single VC /multiple VC’s; configurable scores, parameters, properties etc).