You can watch four new videos that show how the RAGE game components are employed in the different games: from sentiment analysis and syntax checking, to text to speech, collection of game interaction data, game analytics and adjustment of game difficulty to the players’ skills.

The games shown in the videos are called Watercooler, Hatch, Sports Team Manager, ISPO and Jobquest.

Watercooler was created by Nurogames for Hull College. The game’s goal is to increase the productivity of the company and it teaches conflict management skills and attitudes towards equality and diversity in the workplace. The members of the team talk while they are at the watercooler. Incorporation of expressive dialogues is possible as well as profiling the player and assessing their competences. Watch the video:

Sports Team Manager  was created by PlayGen and tried at the University of Trento. It is a simulation in a sailing context where the leader of a team has to line-up a sailing boat crew to win a race, taking into consideration each of the individuals’ moods and relationships. It tests the players leadership conflict management communication and time management skills. FatiMa and SUGAR gamecomponents are used. Watch the video:

Sports Team Manager

Hatch, created by Gameware for Hull College, introduces students into the business issues involved in setting up a new venture and they have to carry out activities involving aspects of  a plan such as marketing methods, legal issues, resource allocation & financial requirements. The player’s performance is measured, and game interaction data is collected, adapting the difficulty accordingly. Watch the video (together with ISPO):

ISPO (Interview Skills for Police Officers) was created by Gameware for Policia Judiciaria de Portugal for police offices to practice interview skills and assess their interaction skills in scenarios which are typical when investigating serious violent or sexual harassment behaviours. Components used include a scripting engine combined with a 3D avatar technology, and analytics of the responses. Watch the video:


Jobquest was created by BIP media for Randstad France, and the game simulates a real job search with the aim of improving the way candidates handle their job search, focusing particularly on the job interview. The player can upload his CV, which is analysed, and is then “interviewed” by a recruiter. The player gets a result and an analysis of the answers given and offers advice. This game uses more than 10 RAGE game components, including verbal and non-verbal behaviour, sentiment analysis, emotion and arousal detection. Watch the video:


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