By Ana Romano, Cristina Soeiro, Raquel Guerra (EPJ)

Gamification is a tool to help criminal investigators to solve serious crimes!

As RAGE partners the Portuguese Judiciary Police Training School is developing together with GAMEWARE a serious game in which the trainees have the opportunity to simulate investigative interviewing of violent and sexual offenders. This tool will improve the communication skills of criminal investigation officers and supply new forms of tackling serious crimes.

Testimony is the prime Evidence in sexual crimes. Most sexual crimes have no biological elements as evidence, so the information gathered by interviewing is determining for the prosecution process and conviction.

According to Police Experts (, last modified 21 December 2016):

Forces need to develop and maintain the valuable resource of a skilled interviewer. Interviews that are conducted professionally and quality assured realise several benefits. In particular, they can:

  • direct an investigation and gather material, which in turn can lead to a prosecution or early release of an innocent person
  • support the prosecution case, thereby saving time, money and resources
  • increase public confidence in the police service, particularly with witnesses and victims of crimes who come into direct contact with the police.

The failure to use best practices raises serious concerns about the ability of investigators to obtain complete and accurate information that is needed to conduct criminal investigations successfully and efficiently (Snook, B et al., 2012) in CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND BEHAVIOR

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