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Sugar. They say it’s bad for you. But a little bit can make all the difference. SUGAR will be the world’s most powerful, open-source social gamification engine. Partially funded by the RAGE project, it’s designed to support adding a social dimension to existing digital games and learning activities.

What is Social Gamification? You’d be forgiven for equating social with social media like twitter and facebook – but this is not what we mean by social. By social, we mean more than one person, so social gamification is the incorporation of gaming elements in non-entertainment contexts designs for pairs or teams.

What can SUGAR do?

SUGAR is good for two things; Make your single player multiplayer. Provide a platform independent game logic and gamification engine.

1. Make your single player game or online activity – multiplayer.
    add player vs player or team vs team matchmaking, tournaments and guilds
    add group goals, achievements and rewards

2. Provide platform independent game logic and gamification engine.
    Define and track ; Goals, Actions, Achievements, Rewards, Inventory and Resources

SUGAR provides a large variety of tournament and match structures, including single and double elimination, round robin and multi-stage tournaments as well as match making based on complementary or similar abilities. It also provides interface implementations for setting and tracking group activities and associated rewards.

When would I use SUGAR?

As a game developer, you have a single player game but would like to add multiplayer functionality to it such as clans, matchmaking, tournaments and be able to automatically create groups and matches between your players – well a little bit of SUGAR will make it all go down a lot easier.

As an educationalist, you have a digital activity designed for one person, you can use SUGAR to create classroom activities, be it a race, tournaments, or group goals. SUGAR will support  a race, match

As a game designer you want to know that your game’s core logic, the game’s mechanics and rules can be defined and tracked independently of the game platform, then SUGAR is for you!

What will SUGAR be compatible with?

At the moment we’ve have SUGAR integrated with the Unity game engine, and the serverside APIs which are written to the XAPI specification, can be used from any application with access to web services. In the fullness of time, we aim to make SUGAR forward compatible with game services from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Steam, as well as for educational platforms of Moodle and Blackboard.

When can I start using SUGAR?

The pre-alpha version of SUGAR is ready to roll on GitHub. It’s written in C# and is being ported over to Mono. Get to http://sugarengine.org and get exploring. Don’t forget to send us your feedback and suggestions to contact@playgen.com .


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