RAGE (Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system) is an H2020 project that aims to deliver a collection of self-contained gaming assets that supports game studios, developers and researchers at developing applied games easier, faster and more cost-effectively, thus making them better suited for their purpose. RAGE will make these gaming assets available along with a large volume of high quality knowledge resources through the RAGE Eco-system, an online portal and social space that will connect research, gaming industries, intermediaries, education providers, policy makers and end-users.

But what is the RAGE ecosystem?

The RAGE Ecosystem is a social space that will be the single entry point for Applied Gaming. Besides the technology assets developed by the RAGE project, it will realise centralised access to a wide range of Applied Gaming software modules, services and resources (or their metadata) that have been designed and developed in regional and EU funded projects. The RAGE Ecosystem will:

  • Provide centralised access to a wide range of dispersed Applied Gaming assets
  • Share strong expertise in key technology value chains
  • Provide a social dimension supported by community tools for collaboration, annotation, creativity, matchmaking.
  • Support gaming developers in moving quicker from research excellence to the market
  • Organise workshops and offer training courses for developers and educators
  • Support industrial road-mapping with new mechanisms to encourage disruptive innovation
  • Cover cross-cutting aspects such as international cooperation
  • Make available a set of asset creation aids that will allow developers and educators to create their own assets

To have more information, visit the RAGE Ecosystem page

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